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Luxury Flooring Material

Cost to purchase and install are comparable to wood products


A flooring which can help you regulate your body temperature.


We can make sure that you have the right wood which can make it blend with designs.


With linoleum you can be sure that you have the right you have the right shade of floor.


We have the right materials which can last you a lifetime.


We can make sure that your floor matches the whole look of your home.


You can be sure that we will give you the right quality materials to make it last long.


We are team of professionals who are willing to make sure that you have the right decorations which can make you whole home look like one.
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Our Blog

  • Italy has several architectural designs, and it is part of modern architecture. If you are into art then you are in the right place, by reading this article, you will be able to know some of the Italian architectural designs you may not be aware of.

    Sparkling blank homes

    This is located in the Dolomite mountains. Because of the cold winters, the architecture had to implement a heating solution. They are made in a way that the floors, as well as the walls, will be able to emit heat. In addition to that, this dolomite house also comes with the furniture as well as custom made furniture.

    Framed window residences

    This involves window frames on glass windows. It allows brightness and airy hence invites cool and warm air.

    Dark crystal structures

    This looks more like a headquarter of evil villains. However, it is a sight that is worth remembering.

    Intricate urban skins

    Some buildings can act as an obstacle in an urban setting. However, this design can improve the outdoor and indoor environments as well as the urban fabric. Hence rectify the urban image's reputation.

    Stone maze memorials

    These are normally built to provide the nuns with a place to remember and pray for the deceased sisters.

    If you are a beginner in designing, Italian architectural designs can act as your inspiration. With them, you will be able to know where to start.

    By reading this piece, you will be in a position to know some of these architectural designs and use them on your buildings or home.

    However, choosing the design of your choice may be difficult, this is because there are a lot of them, so it is advisable that you read keenly through the available list and carefully decide on the ones you find useful for you - read article on renaissance vs gothic architecture .

  • Nothing ruins your day like a bad toilet. It's also not surprising that we have different preferences in the ones we choose. TOTO is the largest manufacturer we have. The best TOTO toilets of the year 2019 include:

    This one-piece integrated toilet of both luxury and cleanliness utilizes tornado flushing and rimless design. It covers the bowl from corner to corner, achieving a higher level of cleanliness with less water. The water usage is 3.8L / 3L (dual flush). The power rating ranges from 220-240V. It won an iF Product Design Award and a Red Dot Design Award. An instant heated seat with adjustable temperature and an automatic deodorizer allows for comfortable use. The Neorest NX, designed for the ultimate hospitability, has a lid that opens and closes when approached and departed respectively. The automatic soft light function enables night time usage. Apart from a self-cleaning wand jet, CeFiONtect is a glaze applied for a long-lasting finish preventing mould and limescale. But the best feature of this series is perhaps Actilight. It is a feature that decomposes bacteria and waste using a photocatalytic process. A self-cleaning feature that when combined with that of eWater+ makes it quite impossible for any dirt and mould to accumulate in the toilet bowl. eWater+ is an antibacterial liquid made to prevent waste particles from accumulating and staining the toilet bowl and nozzle. eWater+ turns back into regular water after two hours after which it returns to the ecosystem as per the TOTO Green Challenge. I can guarantee it is the most hygienic and eco-friendly toilet in the whole market. Rough-in: 305mm.
    NEOREST LE This wall-hung toilet also has an Actilight and CeFiONtect feature. It includes auto functions such as the open/close lid, flush and a soft light function for night time usage. It also has a rimless design and tornado flush with a water usage of 4.5/3L (dual flush). It also equipped with eWater+. The washlet in this series features front and rear warm water washing. As part of its eco-friendly efforts, this series is also a part of the TOTO Green Challenge. It won an iF Product Design Award and a Green Good Design Award. The power rating ranges from 220-240V. However, a voltage stabilizer (2.0KVA) may be needed to avoid fluctuation. Rough-in: 220mm. Check out the complete list of best toto toilets online and add to the quality of your bathroom with the best whirlpool tub online in 2019.
    1. NEOREST XH II CW993VA#NW1 / TCF993WA#NW1:
    This washlet also comes with a front and rear warm water washing. The one-piece toilet features CeFiONtect, Actilight and eWater+ and is also part of the TOTO Green Challenge. It won a Green Good Design Award. With a rimless design, the tornado flush has a water usage of 3.8/3.0L (dual flush). The auto function includes open/close lid, flush and a soft light function for night time usage. The power rating ranges from 220-240V. However, a voltage stabilizer (2.0KVA) may be needed in this case as well to avoid voltage fluctuation. Rough-in: 305mm.